Text Reader Software - American - Windows 10, 11, 8

English text reader software for all kinds of texts
This helpful text reader software converts all texts on your computer, such as emails or texts on Internet pages, into speech, which they can then read aloud quite conveniently.

The easy text reader software
Convert e-books to speech by text reader software and listen to them while driving or sunbathing at the lake in summer. The pleasant voice will entice you to relax in your free time.

This Text Reader Software Is the Winner of Several TTS Software Awards

The Special Features of the Text Reader Software Are:

Instant Read Aloud Function

Simply mark a text with the mouse and have it read aloud quickly by pressing a key The marked text is read aloud automatically at once!

Convenient Text Read Aloud

Have text read aloud while you lean back and relax or do other activities on the side. With only one keystroke have text read aloud on the monitor .

Mobile Listening with MP3

Convert text to MP3 and listen to it anytime anywhere with your cell phone or MP3 player, or send it as an audio file with your cell phone or by e-mail.

Learn with a text reader software
Use the technology of the text to speech software also to study for exams, exams or to prepare for lectures.

Text Reader Software

Text reader software in American
Clear pronunciation immediately alerts you to errors in spelling or grammar. The English text to speech software has a very intelligible voice.

The Text Reader Software and the Functions

Good Text Reader Software

Simple and good text reader software in English
Would you like to have texts read aloud on your PC? Are you looking for a program that can read aloud all the texts that are on your computer? Audio Reader XL can read all texts to you, regardless of the file format. If you have been reading for a long time and your eyes are already tired, just let text reader software read it aloud. Sit back, relax and just listen. You also have the option to export the read aloud texts directly as MP3 files. This way you can download the read aloud texts to your MP3 player, tablet or smartphone and revisit the content that is important to you at any place you can think of. You can also burn a read-aloud CD from the MP3 files. This way you can also enjoy your texts while driving or at home on your stereo system. Read also the review about our software on fixthephoto.com.

The Helpful Text Reader Software Audio Reader XL Can:

Read Aloud Documents from PC with Text Reader Software

If you are doing manual work or you are busy with the household and you still want to learn something or you don't want to miss out on important information, users are able to documents read aloud to you on your PC with text reader software. For example, have your computer read vocabulary to you while you do the dishes or water the flowers. Or people have the most important business documents or datasheets read aloud to you while you are doing sports or working out, so that you don't forget anything. With the TTS software Audio Reader XL all this is possible.

Text Reader Software - free download here!

Which File Formats Are Supported by Text Reader Software?

Read aloud text files and documents in all formats with text reader software
In addition to Word documents, Audio Reader XL also supports PDF files, as well as TXT files or HTML files. Especially with HTML files, you often don't want to have the entire source code read aloud with all HTML tags. However, this is not a hurdle for this text reader software: You can set and determine yourself which expressions in the text are read aloud and which are omitted. This way, when you have documents read aloud on your PC, you can also make sure that page numbers and punctuation marks are skipped during the presentation. You can also configure the speech tempo, as well as the characteristics of the read aloud voice according to your wishes. In this way, the automatically read aloud texts will sound pleasant to you, so that it will be a pleasure for you to listen.

Can You Convert Ebooks to MP3 with Text Reader Software?

With the eBook to MP3 function of a text reader software, you can easily convert whole eBooks to MP3
In advance, you can set the reading voice to make your MP3 eBook sound pleasant for you. In the next step, simply click on the Export button and the program automatically creates your MP3 eBook for you. This is especially convenient if there is no audio book version of your book or you do not want to buy it. If you still want to enjoy your eBook as MP3, you can simply use this text reader software with the convert eBook to MP3 function. It has never been so easy to create your own eBooks.

Highlight Text and Easy Read It Aloud

Audio Reader XL can read aloud any text, whether it's a document or a web page. With the innovative "instant read" function, any text can be read aloud instantly.

Read Aloud Text on Screen

As soon as texts are present on the PC screen, they can easily be read aloud loud. Whether it is e-mail, documents or web pages is not relevant here.

Read Aloud File Formats

Read aloud of different formats like: PHP, DOCX, PDF, TXT, DOC, EPUB, RTF, HTML, SHTML as well as web pages.

Read Aloud the Computer Clipboard

As soon as a text is copied to the program's clipboards, the text reader software Audio Reader XL can read it aloud fully automatically. To copy a text to the clipboard, simply press the key combination: [CTRL] + [C] and the text will be read aloud immediately.

TextToMP3 Function - Create MP3 File

Simply convert text to MP3 and listen to texts or eBooks at any place with MP3 payer or cell phone.

SAPI - Programming Interface for Speech Synthesis under Windows

Audio Reader XL works with Windows SAPI 5 and SAPI 4 on Windows systems 11, 10, 7, 8, Vista and XP.

SAPI = "Speech Application Programming Interface" = programming interface for speech synthesis under Windows.

Self-Explanatory Software

Easy and user-friendly program interface, which is understood instinctively and immediately without any prior knowledge.

Text Reader Software Free Download

This text reader software for reading aloud text can be easily downloaded for free
The download of the TTS software is free of charge, needs only a little download time, which will amount to at most one minute with a fast Internet connection. Test it right now and let the TTS software automatically read aloud all documents and texts, regardless of the file format. Or convert your documents and texts to MP3 right away, so that you can transfer the read aloud texts directly to your smartphone, download them to your tablet or burn a CD from them. The tool is so impressive that any user who wants to listen to his e-books with the excellent text reader software in American will be immediately thrilled with it. This way, you can listen to your texts anywhere and whenever you want. This is especially handy for learning vocabulary or if you want to review university scripts on the go. Simply download Audio Reader XL for free.

Read Aloud Whit This Text Reader Software

Text Reader Software

With a text reader software users are able to texts read aloud on your PC.
The program handles text of any kind, no matter what file format it is. Texts can either be read aloud directly in the program or you can export them as MP3.

Let the text to speech software read aloud text on the PC. To do this, simply select the respective file and load it into the program. So you can read the text from files directly or run the program in the background. Also an auto-start function is integrated into the text reader software, so that it is loaded directly at system startup.

Text Reader Software - Start Download

The software read aloud text of any kind and even long texts do not cause any problems for the reader. With a single press of a button, the PC starts reading out your text directly. The voice reproduction is impressive: This text to speech software masters clearly spoken, accent-free American. You can either activate pauses when reading aloud or leave them out. You can also choose the reading voice in the settings.

This text reader software is first of all a good helper for people with limited vision. So even people with low vision can enjoy texts of any kind. In fact, the PC can simply read the texts to you. The program is very easy to use, so you can easily operate it right away. In the settings you can, for example, select the voice or let the PC set pauses during the lecture or omit them.

Text Reader Software
Screenshot of text reader software

Furthermore, you can use the text reader software to have entire books or eBooks read aloud. Let’s texts read aloud directly on the computer or export them to MP3 audio with a mouse click. No converter for audio is required here, the program can already do this on its own. You simply select the MP3 audio export for text, and then the voice aloud reader does the work by itself. Converting text to MP3 has never been so easy.

You can download and test the program for free. After installation it is ready to use. You can also convert text to MP3 right away - without using external audio converters. So you can listen to your texts as MP3, e.g. on the way, while doing sports, during a train ride or in the car.

American Text Reader Software

With American text reader software you can easily listen to texts in speech on your PC.
The texts are read aloud to you on the computer at the touch of a button. The program works for text of any kind and is completely in English.

Let your American text reader software simply read texts from documents to you in the future. The text reader software American is compatible with the most common versions of Windows. You can either have texts read aloud on the screen or run the program in the Windows background. If the program is run in the background, texts are read aloud when they are written to the clipboard.

Word documents, PDF, TXT or ePub files can be read aloud automatically in Windows with this text reader software English. Texts from Internet pages can also be read aloud in speech without further ado. The program renders text passages or even long texts in understandable American language.

Free Text Reader Software Download

Download and test this text reader software for free.
Then you can use all the features and try the tools at your leisure. While many voice aloud reader cost a lot of money or are only available in a demo version with limited usage, Audio Reader XL, the text reader software Windows 10, you can simply free download and try as long as you want. Within a few minutes, the program is already installed and ready to use right after that. In the future, simply let your computer read your texts to you. Easy, fast and automatic text reading - It has never been easier than with Audio Reader XL.

Free Text Reader Software Download
Image of text free reader software download

Great Text Reader Software for PC

If you are looking for a good text reader software, then be sure to check out Audio Reader XL.
Audio Reader XL is powerful text reader software, which convinces with clear American language, as well as clear user interface. The operation is really very simple and comfortable, so even children can use it. With a simple mouse click you can play any text as speech or convert text to MP3 audio.

A good text reader software should also have useful settings. Audio Reader XL offers here the choice between several read aloud voices, as well as the option to insert pauses while reading or to skip them. Terms can also be blacklisted - these will then be ignored when read aloud. Another feature of this text to speech software American is the support for various file formats that Audio Reader XL offers you.

Text Reader Software Windows 10

A text reader software Windows 10 can easily read aloud texts of all kinds.
The Windows program supports all file formats. You can also create MP3 files directly from text. This text reader software Windows 10 can read aloud text, quickly and easily on the PC. Have texts either read aloud on the PC screen or save texts as MP3. The Windows Reader can also be run in the background. In addition, the program can also be run via auto-start function, so that it is loaded directly at system startup. This way you can access the Reader whenever you need it. For example, text is read aloud when the clipboard changes. Simply download the text reader software Windows 10. Have all the text from your hard drive or even external media read aloud to you in flawless American.

Text Reader Software for Windows 11, 8 and 7

Text reader software Windows 11, 7 and 8 reads aloud text files of all kinds on your PC. The program can easily convert text to speech and play it back directly. Various configuration options are available for you in the program. Download this text reader software for Windows 11 now for free.

Are you looking for a text reader software Windows 11 or 10? Then Audio Reader XL could be interesting for you. The program is completely in English and can read texts of any file format to you directly on the PC. The reproduction of the speech is loud and clear, so that you can understand every word exactly. Because there is also a possibility to convert text to speech by default in Windows 11 as well as 10, we have created the text to speech software. With the program people have texts read aloud in English - clearly, quickly and understandably. Simply import text directly into the TTS software. Then the corresponding text will be read aloud to you automatically or you can convert it into an MP3 audio file by pressing a button.

Text Reader Software Windows 10
Screenshot of text reader software Windows 10

You can download this text reader software Windows 10 right now for free.

Text Reader Software and the Application Areas

With this text reader software you can save a lot of time, because you can easily have longer texts or even web pages read aloud.
  1. Have different texts read aloud with the "instant read function".
  2. You can prepare for all kinds of exams by listening to learning material repeatedly.
  3. Create your own audio books using text to MP3 conversion and listen to them easily from anywhere with a cell phone or MP3 player. It is also possible to set videos to music or have announcements spoken, e.g. for the answering machine.
  4. Find spelling mistakes or check grammar by listening to texts or proofreading texts. Memorizing texts becomes easier. Increase your own reading speed by reading along in parallel.
  5. This text reader software can help with blindness and low vision. With dyslexia or the reading and spelling disorder dyslexia it is easier to learn to read or to understand language better.

Have Text Read Aloud

Text reading is now automatic with text reader software for your PC.
Have text read aloud on your computer. All formats that can contain text are supported. Download the program now for free. With the text reader for Windows users are able to text read aloud on their PC. For this you do not need any special reading and sound playback programs, but simply the Audio Reader XL for your computer. Whether Word, ePub or TXT files and even web pages - text reader software Windows 11 can simply read everything aloud to you. All necessary formats for text are supported. In addition, texts can be converted directly into speech on the PC. Afterwards you can output text as MP3 audio files. Try it out right now and download the program for free.

Technical Specifications of the Text Reader Software:

What’s New in the 2023 Version

Better menu navigation and better management of projects, as well as minor bug fixes. The text read aloud program now supports more file formats and now sounds good when read aloud.

Info about Text Reader Software

Normally, it does not matter whether a lot or little time and effort is invested in the processing of the text material, whereas the activity with the application is a pleasure. With this excellent text reader software, every step of the text reading process becomes much easier, because it can be completely convincing due to its clear structure.

Text Reader Software Is Used in Various Applications, Including Accessibility Tools, Language Learning Programs, Audiobook Production, Voice-over Services

News 06/08/2023 - Text reader software, also known as Text-to-Speech software, is a powerful tool that converts written text into spoken words, allowing users to listen to written content instead of reading it manually. By transforming text into audible speech, text reader software provides an auditory representation of the written content, opening up new possibilities for accessibility, language learning, audiobook production, voice-over services, and more.

Technical Data:

Product: Text Reader Software
File formats for reading aloud: PDF, DOC, DOCX, EPUB, ODT, RTF, TXT, HTML, SHTML, PHP, web pages, emails
Speech synthesis: Windows SAPI 5 and Windows SAPI 4
Operating system: Windows 11, 10, 8, 8.1, 7, XP and Vista
Download size: About 77 MB License: Free Download


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