Text Reader Software - Program to Read Text - Free Download

With text reader software, your PC reads every text aloud. Read aloud any kind of text that is on your screen and users listen to it in a relaxed way.

This text reader software (TTS) transforms your Windows computer into a text-reading machine. Allowing your PC to read aloud was never easier.

Text Reader Software
Screenshot of Text Reader Software

Instant Read Aloud Function

Simply highlight the text and have it read aloud at the touch of a button - The text is read aloud immediately!

Comfortable Read Aloud Text

Let text be read aloud while comfortably sitting back or doing other activities. Have text read aloud on screen with just one touch.

Flexible Due to MP3 Export

Convert text to MP3 and listen anywhere with MP3 player or mobile/smartphone or send as audio by email or with smartphone.

New Update
New: Self-explanatory user interface
New: Listening to texts everywhere by MP3 export
New: Use of SAPI from Windows
New: Read aloud Internet pages
New: Listen to documents
New: Read aloud files
New: Listen to eBooks
New: Read aloud immediately when clipboard changes
New: Instant reading feature
New: Read aloud any type of text
New: E-Mails read aloud
New: Now conveniently read aloud texts on screen

Just copy a text into text reader software and your computer will start to read aloud. In contrast to other read-aloud programs this text reader software doesn't sounds like a robot. The voices are very clear and comfortable. People are able to choose a voice they like the most. Various document types are supported by this program and this text reader software can not only read Word documents. The reader also supports .PDF, .DOC, .DOCX, .ODT, .TXT or .EPUB files. It´s even possible now to read .RTF and .HTML documents. Users download text reader software here.

With this software users will be able to:

Text Reader Software - free download here!

Text Reader Software Your Personal Speaker for PC

Your text reader software for PC easy reads aloud and the best is that reading sounds natural with a clear and distinct pronunciation.

Text Reader
Screenshot of Text Reader

Now it's very easy to read aloud with program to read text and your computer!
Just mark a text and copy it to this text reader tool. The PC immediately reads aloud with the new program to read text on Windows. Users may know other text reader software, but our program is no comparison to other software.. Instead of working with robot voices, this text reader reads every text loudly and clearly. Whether you would like a male voice or a female voice, it is no problem with the TTS reader on your PC. Users are able to select from several voice options, just choose it and start.

Text Reader Software for PC
Picture Shows Text Reader Software for PC

This text reader software for PC reads aloud Word documents, PDF documents, DOC, DOCX, HTML, RTF, ODT, emails, websites and TXT files.
Copy and paste a text, let computer read aloud and continually let text reader run in Windows' background. That means, every time you copy a text to clipboard, TTS will read it automatically. This method works for all supported document types. Let your PC read all your texts with the help of the TTS reader and just lean back and listen. Do you want to experience all possibilities text reader software offers? Just check it out and download text reader for free!

Text to Voice with Text Reader Software for Windows

Audio Reader XL converts text to voice. For this the SAPI = Speech Application Programming Interface of Windows is used.
Now convert every text to spoken voice on your PC with Audio Reader XL it's easy. Just copy a paragraph, a word, or a whole text to the tool and it transfers to spoken word. So people just relax, let TTS reader read-aloud and listen to your texts instead of reading it on screen. In Audio Reader XL, it is possible to choose reading voice. This program supports Word documents, other documents, and EPUB files, as well as HTML and RTF.

The Powerful Text Reader Software Audio Reader XL Reads:

In addition to copying and pasting text and leaving it to your PC to read aloud, this program is also able to run in Windows background. With this function, software is activated every time you change the clipboard. The content of the clipboard will be spoken automatically. If there are many texts and documents on computer this tool reads aloud. You don´t need to read all information by yourself anymore. Now, Audio Reader XL reads it and you just listen to. Just try it and convince yourself.

Text to Voice
Photo of Text to Voice

The Benefits of Using a TTS Reader

The benefits are: TTS reader is made for very easy reading aloud of texts and reads all texts that are on computer as files, or texts on PC monitor.
Program to read text transforms your PC to a TTS reader and a reading station. Users choose every text they like and let the PC read aloud. No matter if it's a business letter, a datasheet, or a bill; every document can be converted into audio. Reading a lot of text on your screen will make your eyes tired. This voice aloud reader with text to MP3 function solves your problem and allows your computer to read them to you. So, sit back, relax, and listen. People get the free download of the text reader software with natural voices here.

This text reader software supports all common DRM-free document formats e.g. PDF, Word, DOC, DOCX, EPUB, TXT and HTML. It doesn't matter for TTS reader in which file type a document is saved. Users load it into the text reader software and computer will read aloud. Maybe you already know other programs which read aloud in Windows, but this tool is very easy to use and have a natural sounding voice. The reason is simple: Our tool comes with clear voices instead of a monotone robot voice and your PC reads your document out loud and you will think it's a human speaking. If you want to know more about our software, then read review about us from Fixthephoto.com. The voice is loud and clear and people understand every single word perfectly. Get this application as a free download now.

Text Reader Software and TTS Reader - Other Convenient Functions

Text to speech is an easy task for professional text reader software and texts converted from foreign formats and saved as projects.
The text reader software converts every text on PC into voice, it's also called a TTS reader: no matter if it's a word document, PDF file, or an EPUB document. This reader supports all common files. Just copy a text or a single paragraph to text reader software and the PC will read aloud. You no longer need to read eBooks on screen because text reader software does it.

Program to Read Text
Photo Shows Program to Read Text

New: Text Reader Software with Better User Interface and Clearer Pronunciation

This text reader software is straightforward text to MP3 solution for people who want to have texts read to them
Text reader software offers a wide range of benefits for people who use it. Not only do you have to pay attention to sentence definition and punctuation, but also intonation and word anxiety. For the person who reviews slowly or with trouble, using this kind of text reader software here is several to help that composing and reviewing far more enjoyable.

This is one of the most general and practical way to operate program to read text. For the author who has problems with intonation, this technology makes it simple to find out how terms are obviously correct. One can reduce speed to a tenth of usual tempo and then thoroughly check articulation of each sentence. Especially for blind and visually impaired people, text-to-speech readers can be a great help.

Mark Text and Have It Read Aloud

Any text on the computer, no matter if it is on the screen or in documents, can be read aloud with the help of Audio Reader XL's unique "Instant Read"text.

Let Texts That Are on the Screen Read Aloud

All texts that are visible on the computer monitor can be conveniently read aloud. No matter if it is documents, e-mail or internet pages.

Let Files Be Read Aloud

Read aloud formats: EPUB, PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF, TXT, HTML, SHTML, PHP and web pages.

SAPI from Windows

Audio Reader XL works on Windows 11, 10, 8, 8.1, Vista, XP with Windows SAPI 5 and SAPI 4.

SAPI = "Speech Application Programming Interface" = programming interface for speech synthesis under Windows.

Self-Explanatory Program

Simple and user-friendly program interface that is intuitive and immediately understood without prior knowledge.

Pre-reading from the PC's Clipboard

Once text is copied to clipboard, program to read text Audio Reader XL reads out the text fully automatically. To copy to the clipboard, simply press the key combination: [CTRL] + [C].

Export Audio as MP3 File - TextToMP3 Function

Quite simply convert text to MP3 and listen to its texts anywhere with smartphone or MP3 payer.

If you have a lot of texts saved on your hard drive and want to listen to instead of reading with a TTS reader, you only need to use program to read text. The tool utilizes clear voices so that users understand every single word exactly. There are no robot voices as used in other program to read texts and people let run the tool in Windows background. In background mode, text will be automatically read aloud as the clipboard changes. You only need to cut or copy a paragraph, a word or even a whole text to activate read function and let this program read website text, files or Word documents for you. Note: It was never as easy as it is with program to read text.

Program to Read Text with Natural Voices with Clear Pronunciation and Instant Read Feature

With program to read text for Windows 10 or Windows 11 users are able to use it as a TTS reader and easily transform text into spoken word.
Are you tired of reading long texts on your computer screen? People use program to read text for PC for reading text from books to your speakers or headphones. Just start this program and load your texts into this text2speech application. The text reader supports word documents, PDF, EPUB, as well as TXT and RTF formats and use program to read text for school, work or university. Every time you need to convert a digital text into spoken language, this tool is your friend. Instead of robot voices, you will hear clear voices which allow you understand every single word. You have a choice of several different voices. You haven't even tried it yet? Now it's your turn - Download program for free right here!

Program to Read Text - Start Download

Other programs only provide a robot voice - speaking so fast that no one can understand a word. This text reader is different. Firstly, users choose the voice that is most comfortable for them. Secondly, you can activate reading pauses. This allows you to understand every word with a voice which is nearly as clear as a human voice. Thirdly, it's even possible to run program to read text in Windows background. Are you ready for the text reader revolution? It's just one click away - Download it free here!

Audio Reader XL as Program to Read Text Free Download

This good program to read text free download enables you to let your PC read aloud for you.
With program to read text free download your PC reads for you converting it into audio signals. Instead of reading texts manually on your PC screen, your computer will play documents as audio with TTS reader. You just choose a text and load it into the software. The program to read text for PC will read for you immediately. Is program with clear voices and a comfortable user interface still a dream for you? Then we will make your dream come true and provide you this tool for read aloud and convert text to MP3.

Program to Read Text Free Download
Picture Shows Program to Read Text Free Download

Program to read text converts documents content into spoken word and with this tool your PC gets a reading system that reads every text, as you like. Just listen and let computer read Word documents, PDF files or EPUB documents and use it for learning, working, in school or in university. With easy-to-use program to read text for PC people learn vocabulary or work through long and complex scientific essays.

The Areas of Use of the Audio Reader XL Program to Read Text

  1. This program to read text is a great help to have long texts and documents read aloud quickly without fatigue and saves a lot of time - Have all imaginable texts read aloud with the "instant reading function" Prepare for exams of all kinds by listening to the learning material repeatedly.
  2. Program to read text helps with blindness and visual impairment Learn to read better and understand language better with dyslexia or reading and spelling disorder.
  3. Proofreading texts and finding spelling mistakes or checking grammar by listening to texts. Or increase the own speed in reading by reading along in parallel. Memorizing texts, etc.
  4. Set videos to music or have announcements spoken e.g. for the answering machine or an advertisement. Create your own audio books using the text to MP3 conversion and listen to these audio books conveniently from anywhere with an MP3 player or smartphone.

Text to MP3 or WAV in High Quality

Convert Text to MP3 in Windows - Here you have a choice between creating many small numbered MP3s or one large MP3 file.
Now it's very easy and comfortable to convert text to MP3 in Windows. All you need is your PC and text to MP3. Just convert your content from word, PDF, TXT or EPUB to MP3 now. This enables you to use easy program to read text without your PC. With text to MP3 you can have your favorite texts in MP3 audio. Do you have a lot of eBooks you´d like to have in an audio book format? Now create own audio books out of written text with text to MP3. All you need is this program and your computer.

With new TTS reader you can burn your texts as MP3 to an audio CD or copy it on USB stick. This way listens to favorite texts on your MP3 CD player. Imagine learning vocabulary while driving your car or listening to an interesting book while doing sports. Perhaps you take notes while listening to original text as you write down keywords. With this text to MP3 converter, it´s all possible.

TTS Reader for PC with Project Management

This TTS reader read-aloud any type of text, as it is a specialized and professional tool for this purpose.
This Windows TTS reader offers innumerable speech functions, which are usually arranged in a pull-down menu but also in a symbol bar and this TTS reader for converting texts into speech with a good spoken natural sounding voice on your PC.

More Information about Program to Read Text You Should Read

This program to read text convinced by an excellent spoken voice. Such program to read text offers a variety of read-aloud functions, which are usually arranged in a menu bar and a toolbar. With TTS reader, it is easy for anyone to read aloud text online and convert it into an audio MP3 file and listen to it comfortably in car or at home as well. Depending on setting of software options, program to read text will be in the background and a text will be automatically displayed as computer clipboard changes. Text reader software are a lot to download, but the program captivates in its way by excellent understandable reading aloud.

About us as Audio Reader XL developer team:

Technical Data:

File formats for reading aloud: PDF, DOC, DOCX, EPUB, ODT, RTF, TXT, HTML, SHTML, PHP, web pages, emails
Speech synthesis: Windows SAPI 5 and Windows SAPI 4
Operating system: Windows 11, 10, 8, 8.1, 7, XP and Vista
Download size: about 77 MB


Latest news and updates of our software:

Audio Reader XL News 2022

Better menu navigation and better management of projects as well as small bug fixes. This program to read text supports more file formats and now sounds great as a TTS reader.

Text Reader Software and PDF to Speech

News 09/22/2022 - That is generally a problem this starts regularly when people wish read-aloud PDF in the very same voice aloud reader. Every professional readers partnering with text reader software started off without having an understanding describing whatever on read RTF with clear voices.

Very Easy to Use Program to Read Text for Semi-professionals

News 09/22/2022 - Serious advantage is generally in turning errors right in to sessions that make the skill-sets. The brand-new program to read text won't even keep back anyone for this directory configurations that people choose on to convert text to MP3.

Text To Speech Reader - FAQ

What is the best free text-to-speech software?


The best free text-to-speech software can read aloud any kind of digital text that involves text files or texts on the screen.

  1. Audio Reader XL - Free download
  2. Balabolka
  3. Panopreter Basic
  4. Natural Reader
  5. Zabaware Text-to-Speech Reader

What is a TTS Reader?


TTS Reader (TTS=Text-to-speech) is a computer-based application that reads different text formats aloud. With the mouse-click or a key-press, TTS reads aloud texts and words on the computer, and converts texts into spoken words with the help of a voice. TTS is also referred to as "read aloud" technology.

How do I get text-to-speech to read?


To get text-to-speech to read, proceed as follows

  1. Start the text to speech software
  2. Select the text file or highlight the text on the desktop to read the text aloud.
  3. Choose a voice (if it is not already preset)
  4. Press the "Read aloud" button
Now the text will be read aloud

What is the best text-to-speech reader?


List of best text to speech reader

  1. Audio Reader XL
  2. Linguatec Voice Reader
  3. Nuance Dragon
  4. Speechelo
  5. Murf

How do I convert text-to-speech?


Audio Reader XL converts text-to-speech and reads digital texts with spoken words in a voice. Use this application to read aloud texts that are on the computer or texts on the desktop and you can easily listen to eBooks or texts. This convert text-to-speech app is very easy to use.