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Great reader
The text to speech software is easy to understand and super easy to use. Also MP3s can be easily created! Great!

Top Text to Speech Software!!!
Mason S.
Software handling easy and easy to understand for everyone!
Registry key received super fast!
We recommend! Any time!

Great help in the office!
Joanna S.
If there is stress and I do not know what to do first, then I just listen to longer documents during my lunch break! This saves a lot of overtime over the month!

Extremely helpful for corrections
For my needs really optimal, clearly structured and functional. Text to Voice Program is almost in daily use! Anyone who writes a lot and especially long texts is sometime blind to their own mistakes. Therefore I was looking for a system that reads texts to me reasonably well. But the product is just below perfect. By and large, the program works satisfactorily. Especially with numbers and abbreviations it makes mistakes, e.g. Numbers are displayed as seasons or sometimes as a month. Roman notes read the program as x or iv, not as 10 or 4. Some words like analysis were well taught to the program so that they are pronounced perfectly. Nevertheless: For my purpose, for the correction of texts, this is such a profit that I am angry that I have not bought it before. The language is saved as a large MP3 or several small MP3s.

I listen to the MP3s then and read the text on the computer. As a result, smaller errors are also noticeable; this method is very effective. It works well even if the program does not do the few things mentioned. I do not think that I would take it for the purpose of listening to foreign texts, but for authors and editors it is definitely recommended.

Audio Reader XL is very handy
William C.
Have the Audio Reader XL purchased and I'm really happy with it. The program is extremely easy to use and you can really read all kinds of text formats. A praise!

Reading aloud made easy
Vivian G.
I was looking for a simple program that would read e-books and other texts to my visually impaired mother-in-law. I did not want to take any chances and tested the program first as a free trial. The installation was straightforward and worked right away. There are no unnecessary buttons to use, start and stop are big enough and easy to recognize. The function that the software also runs in the background and the cache is read out automatically is helpful and easy. Overall, it meets my requirements.

Therefore from me a clear recommendation.

Great program for seniors
Emma Sawyer
I bought the program because I cannot read so long! A real help for me in everyday life!

Reader is TOP!
Indispensable for my studies! I can download long lyrics to the player as MP3 and listen to it while traveling to the university!

I like the reader
Elfie Breen
I am very satisfied with Audio Reader XL. Good English voice and very easy to use.

Perfect Text to Speech
Marge W.
Actually a great program! However, I had to look for a different voice for the edition in English! Otherwise, top!

Reading aloud is awesome!
I can only recommend, really super handy, if you are really too lazy to read everything!

Become indispensable
Sebastian P.
A great support for me as a visually impaired person! Thanks to the programmers of this text to speech software!

Audio Reader XL is good
I think readers XL is an easy-to-use program, has a good voice and easy operation. I am happy.

Reading program with great functions
Hannah Johnson
Great settings, so only the read what you want! Creating language files is also great!

Just great - this voice aloud reader
Yorick M.
I get my mails read in the morning for breakfast, which saves valuable time!

Reader without flaws
John W.
Runs with me always in the background, so I need only copy the desired text to the clipboard and the program starts! Great thing! Thank you!

Just tried it
Ben F.
Since the program is so cheap, I bought it and tried it! Am thrilled! Works flawlessly!

Works well - Very easy to use!
Fiona K.
I am thrilled by Audio Reader XL, it exceeds my expectations! I can highly recommend. I also find it very good that texts can be read very easily. I use it professionally and privately. It's really nice to read the lyrics and close your eyes and that in great quality.

Good program, great service!
Johnny J.
I'm not the youngest anymore and had some questions at the beginning! Everything was answered very friendly! Good customer service!

Great program
I would have liked more votes to choose from! But unfortunately, other programs do not have that without it!

Great price / performance ratio
Gwendolyn E.
The text to speech reader perfectly suits me. At first I have tested much more expensive such programs, but this program has everything I need!

Perfect text to speech software
Am surprised, the text to speech software works great and I had no difficulties with the operation!

Discovered by accident
Joseph Sapporo
Randomly hit it and bought it as a gimmick! Now I never want to miss it anymore!

A program for many uses
Eileen R.
Use the program on many occasions, both professionally and at leisure! Most of the creation of language files, I find helpful.

A program for the whole family ??
Even my children can be read from fairy tales on the PC, they find that very funny. I have worried, however, so that I do not have to read everything myself and so have my hands free!

Class supplement while learning!
Samuel Rowling
I use the text to speech program for learning for the school! Let me read questions and then with a pause in between the answer. If I know the answer before it is read, I know that I have prepared well!

Audio Reader XL
Ferdie B.
First tested and then bought! Everything is right here! Simple operation and really a program that can be used on many occasions! Thank you!

Could be better
Roger T.
The text to speech software reads too fast! Should that be improved, then as far as good!

Read aloud and relax
Lisa Baker
Make me audiobooks with it and then on the couch and relax! Simply wonderful text to voice software!

This program can only be recommended
Simon Z.
I think everyone who does not see so well, should look for such a helpful program! It makes handling the PC a lot easier!

Reading aloud works great!
A. Cunningham
A lot of programs promise much, but this one keeps its promises! Absolute recommendation!

Not so good
I can't use this program, it says theres an error and I can't start it :(

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