Text To Speech Software With Natural Voices

An easy to use text to speech software package that can be used in a wide variety of situations, Audio Reader XL converts written words on your computer to audio files that you can then listen to. It is one of the best text to speech software systems around for PC users.

You are searching for a free text to speech software download for Windows? Audio Reader XL shareware provides you with a simple system which converts text on your screen into very listenable audio. You can use this excellent text to speech software to help you with any text you might need to convert to an audio file. In many cases, people use the text to speech software to read back something they have written in order to proofread it carefully. However, Audio Reader XL has many more applications than that.

In some cases, free text to speech software with natural voices is used to read out a script which can be used to accompany a video. You might want to produce an instructional video to demonstrate how a product works, for example. By typing out the text of your script and having Audio Reader XL convert it to an audio file for you, the text to speech software acts like a very cost-effective voice over artist. In fact, you can use the text to speech software to read out all sorts of texts in a natural way. This makes it the ideal system if you want to listen rather than read. As such, you could use it to convert an entire e-book to an audio version for you. Then, all you need to do is sit back and relax while the text to speech software reads it aloud. Think of all the places you might want to be read to rather than hold a book or an e-reader in your hand. Audio Reader XL can play on any compatible device, allowing you to listen to books in the shower, while you are busy in the kitchen or even when driving.

Text-to-Speech Software
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Of course, the advantage of well-designed text to speech software is that it can convert text to speech. You don't have to limit yourself to works of literature. Anything can be put into the text to speech software, such as marketing material, the content of websites, news articles and notes you might have made on your computer. Some people even use it conjunction with speech to text software systems. This way, you can dictate text onto your computer, only to use the power of Audio Reader XL's text to speech software technology to read what you have dictated back to you, helping you to ensure that it sounds right.

Many people search for the best text to speech software around and are disappointed with the quality of the results or the way in which other systems limit your ability to convert certain files to audio. With Audio Reader XL, the text to speech software can create crystal clear MP3 audio files which can be played on a huge number of smart devices these days. Alternatively, you can just get the software up and running on your PC and hit the 'Play' button to have it immediately begin playing text to speech for you to listen to.

Text-to-Speech Software with Natural Voices
Despite the flexibility in the way Audio Reader XL allows you to listen to the speech it generates, what makes this text to speech software package stand out is the huge number of file types you can use as the source material for the audio to be converted from. For example, TXT text files, PDF text extracted from Acrobat Reader ®, EPUB files, Microsoft Word ® doc files, RTF files and e-book will all function with it. In addition, you can use it to read out any text you might have copied into your clipboard. It will work with an HTML file on your computer and can even read websites aloud for you so you don't have to look at your screen to digest their contents.

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Highly versatile, Audio Reader XL is one of many text to speech software packages you could download. However, this shareware system is really a cut above other ones not just because it functions so reliably with very advanced and natural sounding voices but because of the wide variety of text you can throw at it. In fact, it is way ahead of some of the other available text to speech software packages that are on the market which means most users find it meets all of their requirements without needing anything else. Why not give it a go today and see how functional it really is?

Looking for a User-Friendly Text to Speech Software Free Download with Natural Voice?

Simply put, Audio Reader XL's text to speech software download can be conducted within a few clicks of the mouse. Once installed, it offers an advanced text to speech software system that you can begin making use of immediately.

Text-to-Speech Software Free Download
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As shareware, the elegant design of Audio Reader XL should be immediately intuitive for any PC user who wants an easy to operate text to speech software system. Among the text to speech software free download options that are around, Audio Reader XL is one the simplest to get onto your computer and to start using. There are a number of straightforward set up options once you have completed the download so that you can get going in a way that suits your individual preferences.

Text-to-Speech Software for Windows 10
Among the options Audio Reader XL offers is the ability to choose your preferred language, for example. You can also set an option to open up the text to speech software in a minimized version in your desktop's tray, if you would like. Some people like to have page numbers read out by the system when they listen and others don't. Again, this is configurable on start up or you can simply use the default setting if preferred. By default, the system will pause between paragraphs in order to afford a natural quality to the audio playback. However, if you want, then you can turn this text to speech software feature off, a good idea if the text you are using has a paragraph break after every sentence as some web pages tend to be set out.

Bear in mind that although many users will want to convert the text they put into Audio Reader XL to be converted into an MP3 file every time, you don't have to use the text to speech software this way. If you prefer, you can simply copy text into it from your clipboard and the program will start reading it for you immediately. This makes the whole system easy to use whether or not you want to save files to listen to later.

Check Out Some Free Text to Speech Software With Natural Voices and Take a Decision

As one of the best text to speech software systems around that you could choose, Audio Reader XL has some superbly recorded voices which read the text you ask it to in a way that sounds both appealing and natural. Thanks to the high-quality audio produced, you can continue to listen to the voices following a text to speech software download without ever tiring of them.
Searching for free text to speech software with natural voices will often lead you to packages which are either limited in their use in some way or that offer only the most basic of voices. All too often, text to speech software which is supposedly free has limitations of some kind or another. In many cases, the audio sounds robotic or mechanized. In others, the voice that you listen to is monotone and, well, boring. One of the great things about Audio Reader XL is that you can listen to some of the most natural and well-recorded voices to read your text out for you for hours. When you listen carefully to this text to speech software, you might not even be sure whether or not you are listening to a real person.

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The program is able to handle all sorts of punctuation and inflections that cause other text to speech software systems problems. The sound of the voices used are ideal for North American ears. As such, all of the text you put into the system will come out sounding great. Well-written literature as well as drier reports and technical data can be read out with the same natural sounding voice that is a joy to listen to. In other words, users are able to get a truly professional level of speech from Audio Reader XL which means that the package could be the only text to speech software system they will ever need!

Search for Free Text to Speech Software for Windows 10

One of the best Text-to-Speech Software
Designed for PC users, Audio Reader XL is a superb text to speech software package for anyone running Windows 10 on their computer. It is optimized for performance on Windows and is easy to operate thanks to its Microsoft-friendly design.
A lot of free text to speech software for Windows 10 is not backwards compatible with earlier versions of the operating system. This is not the case with Audio Reader XL, however. The text to speech software can be used equally well if you are still running legacy versions of Microsoft's popular operating system. For example, Audio Reader XL can be used with Windows XP and Vista if wanted. Users who have Windows 7 or 8 on their PC are catered for, too, because Audio Reader XL will also work on those platforms.

You can use Audio Reader XL entirely within the Windows environment. Once downloaded, the handy wizard that the text to speech software comes with will allow you to install it in a hard drive location of your choice and to choose whether or not you'd like it to open on start up, to create a desktop shortcut, and so on. Just like other programs that are designed for the Windows system, a window appears on screen when you start it. This allows you to paste in text from your clipboard. Alternatively, you can simply ask Audio Reader XL to start reading a web page for you by entering or copying in the URL address concerned.

To begin reading, you just hit the 'Play' button. What could be simpler? If you want to create an audio file, then just hit the 'Create MP3' button. The text to speech software will then generate an audio file for you in your desired location. You can subsequently email it to a friend or colleague or even send it to a non-Windows device and listen to it later. In other words, Audio Reader XL is a shareware software package you can download for free that offers users complete flexibility with the way in which they choose to use it. It is a powerful tool for anyone who wants to convert text to speech and to listen to it at a time and place of their choosing.

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