Turn Any Document into an Audio File with the TTS Reader from TTSSOFT

In years gone by, the text-to-speech software was rather costly. However, these days there are great options free of charge and TTS Reader Audio Reader XL from TTSSOFT converting written documents to audio files as hassle-free and simple as possible.

The TTS Reader clearly and instantly reads out one’s text, PDF or e-books loud by utilizing natural sounding of male and female sounding. The TTS Reader is capable of understanding various languages and accents and remembers the texts and voices. The software is fun and great to use because it features a drag-and-drop or it directly pastes the text and plays. It supports different formats including TXT, PDF, RTF, e-book, HTML and websites, texts from clipboards, read aloud text and create MP3.

It can also help overcome language barriers for individuals who read a language but don’t speak it, or who are currently in the process of learning. A TTS Reader Windows 7 is perfect for anyone who wishes to listen to a text while doing something else. If they find it a lot simpler to preserve information they’ve heard or if they wish to sense-check something they’ve written.

TTS Reader
Photo of the TTS Reader

The TTS Reader Audio Reader XL uses natural-sounding and high-quality voices originating from various sources. One will find male and female voices, which are integrated with various accents, and it’s upon the reader to select their desired accent or voice. After selecting the desired accent the voice, one will need to insert the text and click to play. A synthesized speech is produced, which is fun to listen to.

Some of its benefits include in the TTS Reader: The good thing about this TTS Reader free download is that it remembers the last article or text inserted. Even if the user closed the browser by mistake, it will still remember the last text. This aids the person to continue listening to the text from where they last stopped.

Audio Reader XL is developed to read aloud text, which can be utilized for commercial purposes. It extracts and reads the PDF files and other written files clearly and loud. Its PDF to Speech features aids to give a person the information as it saves the energy and time when engaging with the audience.

TTSSOFT is one of the few organizations in the world, which directly support audio on e-readers. The TTS Reader free download of Audio Reader XL is available in Amazon.com today.

For more information about the TTS Reader, check out their official website at https://www.ttssoft.org/tts-reader/ 

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