TTS Software: Newest Text to Speech Software Packed with Outstanding Features and Functions

Individuals will surely be surprised and impressed at the same time with the inception of this newest and easiest to use text to speech software. With such software, a personal computer can read texts aloud. This software also allows the computer to make it highly possible to convert each text document to spoken word.

The ease and convenience guaranteed by this software can never be underrated. Users of this software just need to copy the entire text or a paragraph to the text to speech software. The computer will then start to read the document out immediately. This exclusive TTS program has clearer and louder voice unlike other software that sounds like robots. Users can also opt for their most preferred voice.

One of the good features of this text to speech software is that it supports various documents as well as text files. Aside from Word, the TTS Software also supports txt, epub and PDF. This can read rtf or html files aloud as possible. This software is now available as free download.

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Text to speech software indeed makes things a lot easier. With this TTS reader, it’s easier to read text aloud automatically even when changing clipboard, convert texts to MP3, read texts loudly when opening documents, PDF, Microsoft, eBook, EPUB, read texts from clipboard, read sites aloud and more.

With this software, it is also highly possible for PC to become a text to voice recorder. Individuals simply need to mark and then copy text into the TTS software. It’s never really easy to have a PC read texts in Windows. Some individuals have tried screen readers but are not completely satisfied with the outcomes. This Text to Speech Software creates a big difference. This makes it possible for individuals to listen to a program with clearer and louder voice.

With this exclusive software users have the freedom to choose from the given voice options and ensure getting high-definition and premium quality sounds. In addition to various male speakers, female voices are also available in this Text to Voice Reader. It’s not that easy to convert Epub, Word document and text file to voice but this software makes it effortlessly possible. Copy pasting of text and allowing TTS read this text aloud is also one of the outstanding features of this Text to Speech Software.

Other essential functions of this software include running texts to speech software in Windows background. Users can run Text to Speech Software in this background with ease and the full text or a paragraph can also be copied into the clipboard and the text to speech software will read it aloud instantly. This given method can be used to all types of supported documents. The best thing about this easy to use software is that users can sit back, relax and listen while the computer read the texts clearly and loudly.


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