Text to Speech (TTS) Transforms Windows Computer into a Text-reading Machine

Text to Speech (TTS) is a program designed to transform computers into a reading machine. With this program, any Windows PC can read text out loud. The voice is cloud and clear, so it doesn’t sound a like a robot. Users are allowed to pick the voice they like best. TTS supports a wide range of text and documents including EPUB, RTF, PDF, HTML and TXT files.

Those who are too lazy to read text or just don’t have enough time to read documents on their own will find the Text to Speech Program beneficial to their daily activities. All they need to do is to mark a text, copy it to the program and the computer can read it out loud. Users are free to choose a female or male voice. TTS can also run in the background, so the program is activated each time the clipboard is changed. It automatically reads the content of the clipboard aloud with a voice that sounds almost like a real human.

The Text to Speech Program is free to download. Whether it’s a bill, business letter, datasheet or a simple Word document, it can read the text and transform the computer into a reading machine. Those who often find their eyes tired from looking at the computer screen will like this program. It supports DRM-free document formats such as .pub, .html and .pdf. Since the program uses clear voices, listeners can understand every word without any problem. Other programs provide a robot voice that speaks so fast and in monotone that no one can understand it at all. The Text to Speech Program allows users to pick a voice they prefer and initiate reading pauses so that they can understand every word.

This program can be used for work or school. The Text to Speech Program can also convert text into MP3 files. After converting the file into MP3, users can listen to the text even without using their PC. This function allows them to listen to their favorite texts anytime and anywhere they want. Individuals with plenty of ebooks can convert it into an audio book format, so they can rest their eyes and just listen to the story. They can choose to burn the text as MP3 into a CD or copy it on their flash drive. This way, they can listen to their favorite texts on their MP3 CD player or even on their phone.

By using the Text to Speech Program, interested individuals can learn vocabulary while gardening, cooking, painting, cleaning the house or doing whatever they want. They can take notes while listening to the text or memorize it. With the Text to Speech Program, it is not impossible. They just need to download the program, install it on their computer and start using it. It can be downloaded for free, so they don’t need spend anything at all. The Text to Speech Program is perfect for those who want to learn while still being able to do what they want.

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