New Text to Speech Software with a natural-sounding voice for Windows - download now for free

Easily read aloud text with Text to Speech Software.
With the text to speech software you can easily read aloud text. You do not need more than the text to speech (TTS) software for your Windows PC.

You want to have texts aloud to your computer? You would like to listen to your documents, letters or written offers instead of reading them? Then the TTS software (text to speech) is just right for you. You have saved many texts on your computer? You want to have your documents read aloud to the PC? Then get our TTS software for your computer right now.

Text to Speech Software
Picture of the Text to Speech Software

With the software, you can have texts clearly and clearly presented. Unlike other TTS tools, pronunciation is clear and understandable. That's why our TTS Tool is one of the easiest applications of its kind worldwide. You would like to have a software that reads out texts clearly. You want to read aloud loud and clear on your own computer? Then our text reader is exactly the right solution for you. Our Text to Speech Software has already won several test wins. Software for reading text was not mature enough for a long time. Just think of the robot voices of bygone days. In contrast, our TTS tool can convince with its clear language. Reading texts is now very easy. All you need is the TTS software and your PC. The debate is clear in the program. So you can understand every word exactly.

Read texts aloud directly on the screen - that too is now possible. Or you can export texts as audio files with just one click. With software, this is feasible without much effort. A variety of file formats are supported, all of which you can convert to language.

Text to Speech Software for Windows

Use the Text to Speech Software for Windows.
With the Text to Speech Software for Windows, you can easily read aloud texts. Reading text on the PC was not always as easy and uncomplicated as it is today. With our software, you can now read aloud text intelligibly and aloud. Even for people with low vision software is ideal. So you do not have to wear glasses while reading. Your eyes can also be so gentle. Because Text to Speech Software makes it possible to read aloud all texts on your own PC. If you often read aloud texts on the computer, you now have the opportunity with our Text to Speech Software to simply replay texts. Text of any kind is simply read out to you with the speech output. For example, enjoy a good book by simply having it read aloud by the PC. All you need is software for your PC.

Likewise, you can have Text to Speech Software run at system startup. The TTS Tool has a handy auto-start feature. The tool now runs permanently in the Windows background. If you copy a text now, it will be read aloud automatically. So you can let text be easily read. In addition to texts from the Web you can also listen to other digital texts. When you run Text to Speech Software in the background, sections of text can also be read aloud automatically when the cache changes. You can listen to your texts as often as you like.

Download Text to Speech Software

Download Text to Speech Software with just one click and use the easy to handle read-aloud machine
software does not have to be complicated. Our TTS tool is easy to use and you can easily download it. After the download, the installation takes only a few minutes. Then you can immediately start reading texts of any kind from the PC. Text to Speech Software is clearly understandable and clear in pronunciation.

You want a good Text to Speech Software? Then get Text to Speech Software as a free download. The first-class speech output can also convince a fine ear. Without any extra converter tools, you can have texts read aloud out from the PC right away. Just download and install for free. It only takes a few minutes. Download TTS (Text to Speech Software) now. You have a lot of text stored on the PC? Then you can now use x to play all the lyrics.

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