New Text to speech software very easy to use
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New Text to speech software very easy to use

With text to speech software, a pc can read your text aloud
Text to speech software allows a pc to read text aloud. TTS Software makes it possible to convert every text document into spoken word.

Just copy a paragraph or a whole text to Text To Speech software. The computer will start to read it out immediately. The TTS program has a loud and clear voice. There is no comparison to other software programs which sound like robot voices. The TTS Tool offers loud and clear voices. The user can choose their voice of preference.

Text To Speech software supports many different sorts of documents and text files. In addition to Word, TTS Software also supports pdf, epub and txt. Even reading html or rtf files aloud is possible. Text To Speech software is available as a free download.

Text to speech software
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With text to speech software (TTS) it´s very easy to:

Text to voice reader

With TTS your pc becomes a text to voice reader.
With the voice aloud reader (text to voice), the computer can read text aloud. Simply mark and copy a text to TTS software. It was never so easy to have your pc read out text in Windows. Perhaps you have tried other screen readers, but were not satisfied with the results. With its high quality voices, Text To Speech software makes the difference. Who wants to listen to a robot voice when there is a TTS program that offers loud and clear voices?

The user can choose from several voice options in high definition sound quality. In addition to several male speakers, there are also female voices in TTS text to voice reader. It´s never been easier converting a text file, a Word document, or an Epub into voice. It’s also possible to copy and paste text and let TTS read it out loud. You only need to transfer it into audio signals. With Text To Speech software, there is no additional converter needed. TTS can convert text into speech out of the box.

Run TTS text to speech software in Background

It is possible to run text to speech software in the background of Windows.
The user can run the TTS software in the background of Windows. A paragraph or the full text can be copied to the clipboard and the Text To Speech software will read it out loud immediately. This method can be used for all supported document types. Now, the computer can read out texts while the user can sit and listen.

Text to speech software converts text to mp3

With TTS Text To Speech software text can be converted to mp3.
It´s just a click to convert text files to mp3. Word documents, textfiles, epub and pdf can be converted into spoken word and saved as an mp3 audio file. Users can listen to ebooks while doing sports at the gym. Students can learn while driving the car or travelling by train. The possibilities TTS offers are unlimited. TTS software can be downloaded for free on the internet.